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Embark on a gastronomic voyage through the diverse flavors of French cuisine with our Amuse Bouche, a curated selection of delightful and petite starters, setting the stage for an exquisite dining experience

Tartare de Saumon

Delight in the freshness of our salmon tartare, expertly seasoned and served on a crisp crostini, delivering a burst of flavors with every bite.


Rillettes de Canard

Indulge in the velvety texture of our duck confit rillettes, accompanied by crusty French bread, a savory introduction to your French culinary journey.


Blinis au Saumon Fumé

Experience refinement with our light and airy blinis, adorned with luscious smoked salmon, crème fraîche, and a sprinkle of chives.


Boulettes de Fromage Bleu

Savor the perfect harmony of creaminess and crunch with our bite-sized blue cheese balls, delicately coated in crushed nuts.


Mini Croque Monsieur

Experience a miniature homage to the classic French sandwich, featuring ham and Gruyère cheese, toasted to a golden perfection.


Caviar d’Aubergine

Indulge in the delightful flavors of our velvety eggplant caviar spread, generously layered on crisp toast points.



Begin your French culinary adventure with our Entrées, presenting a captivating array of appetizers that exemplify the artistry and essence of French culinary tradition

Quiche Lorraine

Enjoy the timeless allure of our Quiche Lorraine, boasting a buttery pastry crust filled with a delightful blend of bacon, cream, and eggs.


Foie Gras

Savor the opulent richness of our Foie Gras, expertly pan-seared and presented with a choice of sweet fruit compote or chutney, indulging the palate in a symphony of flavors.



Savor a vibrant medley of Provencal vegetables, slow-cooked to perfection and delicately seasoned with aromatic herbs, providing a burst of flavor in every bite.


Terrine de Canard

Delight in the savory perfection of our duck terrine, meticulously prepared and complemented by pickles and crusty bread.


Crevettes à l’Armoricaine

Treat yourself to succulent shrimp enveloped in a luscious Armoricaine sauce, infused with tomatoes, brandy, and a hint of saffron, creating a sumptuous seafood sensation.


Tartare de Boeuf

Experience the classic indulgence of finely chopped raw beef, impeccably seasoned and accompanied by capers, onions, and a quail egg, offering a timeless beef tartare experience.



Elevate your dining experience with our Salades, offering a medley of fresh, meticulously prepared salads that reflect the finesse and artistry of French cuisine

Salade Niçoise

Indulge in the timeless Mediterranean flavors of our Salade Niçoise, showcasing a vibrant ensemble of tuna, boiled eggs, olives, tomatoes, and green beans.


Salade Lyonnaise

Experience the essence of Lyon with our Salade Lyonnaise, where frisée lettuce is adorned with crispy bacon, a perfectly poached egg, and crunchy croutons.


Salade de Chèvre Chaud

Treat yourself to a delightful salade de chèvre chaud featuring warm goat cheese nestled atop a bed of mixed greens, delicately drizzled with honey and balsamic glaze.



Indulge in the savory elegance of our Viandes, where meticulously prepared meat dishes highlight the culinary mastery and richness of French gastronomy.

Blanquette de Veau

Experience our velvety veal stew, gently simmered in a creamy white sauce enriched with mushrooms, onions, and carrots.



Savor the exquisite flavor of our center-cut beef tenderloin, expertly grilled to perfection and served alongside a decadent Béarnaise sauce.


Steak Frites

Delight in the simplicity of a perfectly grilled steak, accompanied by golden and crispy French fries, offering a classic and satisfying combination.


Tournedos Rossini

Indulge in luxury with our pan-seared beef tenderloin, adorned with foie gras and truffle slices, generously drizzled with a savory Madeira sauce.


Confit de canard

Revel in the crispy succulence of our Confit de Canard, featuring duck leg slow-cooked to golden perfection in its own rendered fat.


Coq au Vin

Enjoy a rustic culinary experience with our Coq au Vin, featuring tender braised chicken cooked in red wine with mushrooms, onions, and bacon.



Explore the depths of our Poissons selection, where the finest seafood commands attention. Each classic French dish pays homage to the ocean’s bounty, harmonizing a symphony of flavors that captivate the palate.

Sole Meunière

Savor the simplicity of our Dover sole, expertly pan-fried to perfection and finished with a drizzle of brown butter, lemon, and parsley for a classic and elegant presentation.



Immerse yourself in the Mediterranean with our flavorful fish stew, showcasing a delightful assortment of fish, shellfish, tomatoes, and aromatic herbs.


Cabillaud à la Normande

Indulge in the flavors of Normandy with our Cod prepared in the traditional style, featuring a creamy cider-enriched sauce, complemented by mushrooms and apples for a delightful touch.


Huitres Gratinées

Savor the decadence of our Oysters gratinéed to perfection, adorned with a savory mixture of breadcrumbs, butter, and seasonings, baked until golden and irresistible.


Quenelles de Brochet

Experience the delicate flavors of freshwater fish with our Pike fish dumplings, expertly poached and served with a rich sauce that enhances their natural taste.


Brandade de Morue

Delight in the creamy richness of our salted cod dish, harmonizing the flavors of cod, potatoes, garlic, and olive oil whipped to a smooth and velvety consistency.



Conclude your French epicurean journey on a delightful note with our Desserts, featuring an array of exquisite treats blending traditional flavors with innovative twists.

Bûche de Noël

Celebrate with our festive Yule log cake, a holiday favorite made with sponge cake and buttercream, expertly rolled and decorated to resemble a rustic log, bringing joy and indulgence to any occasion.


Flan Patissier

Enjoy a classic French dessert with our rich custard delight, crowned with a crisp caramelized sugar crust, offering a perfect balance of sweetness and texture.



Treat yourself to the delightful sweetness of our strawberry shortcake, showcasing layers of sponge cake, fresh strawberries, and luscious pastry cream.


Opéra Cake

Experience sophistication in every bite with our layered almond sponge cake, elegantly crafted with coffee-flavored buttercream and topped with a sumptuous chocolate ganache.


Fondant au Chocolat

Delight in the decadent indulgence of our chocolate fondant, a luscious treat boasting a moist and gooey chocolate cake with a heavenly molten center.


Crème Brulée

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