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Pâtisserie Française



Immerse yourself in the flaky perfection of our Croissant, a quintessential French pastry known for its buttery layers.


Pain au Chocolat

Indulge in the simplicity of our Pain au Chocolat, a heavenly combination of buttery pastry and rich chocolate filling.


Almond Croissant

Elevate your croissant experience with our Almond Croissant, featuring a delectable almond paste filling and a dusting of powdered sugar.



Experience layers of flaky puff pastry and luscious pastry cream in our Millefeuille, a pastry masterpiece.


Éclair au Chocolat

Delight in the elegance of our Éclair au Chocolat, a classic French pastry with a choux pastry shell, filled with chocolate cream, and topped with glossy chocolate glaze.


Flan Pâtissier

A silky-smooth custard filling encased in a buttery, flaky pastry crust, our Flan Pâtissier is a timeless French treat.


Tarte Tropezienne

Bask in the sunshine of our Tarte Tropezienne, a delightful brioche filled with a light cream, a specialty from the French Riviera.



Indulge in a delightful ensemble of choux pastry balls filled with creamy vanilla ice cream and drizzled with decadent chocolate sauce.


Fondant au Chocolat

Indulge your chocolate cravings with our Fondant au Chocolat, a rich and gooey chocolate fondant cake that melts in your mouth.