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Cabillaud à la Normande

Cod prepared in the Normandy style, often with a creamy sauce enriched with cider and garnished with mushrooms and apples.


Huitres Gratinées

Oysters topped with a gratin mixture, typically including breadcrumbs, butter, and seasonings, baked until golden.



A flavorful fish stew featuring a variety of Mediterranean fish, shellfish, tomatoes, and aromatic herbs.



Quenelles de Brochet

Pike fish dumplings, often poached and served with a rich sauce, showcasing the delicate flavor of freshwater fish.



Brandade de Morue

A creamy dish made with salted cod, potatoes, garlic, and olive oil, typically whipped to a smooth consistency.


Sole Meunière

Dover sole pan-fried in a simple preparation with brown butter, lemon, and parsley.