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Macaron à la Vanille

Immerse yourself in the timeless elegance of our Macaron à la Vanille, featuring a delicate vanilla-infused shell with a luscious vanilla filling.


Macaron au Chocolat

Surrender to the rich indulgence of our Macaron au Chocolat, a symphony of chocolate flavors encased in a perfectly crisp shell.



Macaron à la Pistache

Revel in the nutty sophistication of our Macaron à la Pistache, where the subtle notes of pistachio dance on your palate.


Macaron à la Cerise

Delight in the fruity charm of our Macaron à la Cerise, a burst of cherry sweetness in every airy and delightful bite.


Macaron à la Fraise

Experience the vibrant freshness of our Macaron à la Fraise, where the essence of ripe strawberries shines through in a delightful confection.


Macaron au café

Awaken your senses with the robust flavor of our Macaron au Café, a perfect harmony of coffee-infused delight.